Nicolás Telfer Guimerá

Freelance Front-end Developer based in London


I build Interfaces and Experiences.

I am a UI Developer with more than 8 years agency experience. I'm passionate about digital interfaces and I focus my expertise in Front-end Development.

I have a broad skill-set and experience bridging UX, design, prototyping, standard setting front-end build and a constant appetite for expanding my capabilities.

I work with tech startups, businesses, entrepreneurs and developers around Europe.

Selected Work

Work availability

I'm currently available for work.

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My Skills

Html5, Sass, JS
OpenLayers, ChartJs
AngularJs, BackboneJs
Gulp, Grunt, Wordpress

What else I'm doing

Learning new skills, aspiring entrepreneur...

Hooked by AngularJS and passion for CSS3. I love the idea that every month (every day almost) there is a new thing out there that I know is going to help me deliver better results.

I'm always on the lookout to find ways to improve my skills.

Out there

I'm a usual attendee on networking events, not just for business purposes, also as a way for me to meet other people in the industry and feel inspired by them.

Currently working on a new website built with AngularJs